Ordering Site

A complete, professional and user-friendly ordering site for your restaurant

With your own ordering site, customers order directly from the restaurant. The website is web and mobile friendly and offers iDeal as a payment option, among others. Sitedish’s ordering site has plenty of interesting features such as upselling, push notifications, newsletters, pre-ordering, discount codes, savings cards, promotions and personalizing your delivery area. This will make your own Order Site &App a sure success!

Innovative & customer-oriented
Use your own branding
Interactive menu


Sitedish - Order
Easy ordering on mobile & desktop

With your own restaurant website, customers order directly from you. Your customers, your sales.

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  • Your own logo, colors and photos
  • Placing an order quickly and easily
  • Manage your own menu, opening hours and delivery area
  • Create promotions or let your customers save for discounts
  • Send newsletters
  • Manage your orders and administration
  • View statistics on orders, products and customers
Sitedish - Flyers
Sitedish - Deliverymap

The ordering website is suitable for takeout and delivery restaurants and offers a lot of features. Website orders are received on our free POS system. The POS system provides a link to a number of ordering platforms, such as Thuisbezorgd.nl, UberEats and Deliveroo. This way you have all your orders in 1 system and keeping track becomes easy.

Sitedish believes it is important to optimize your ordering process and support your restaurant. This is why we are closely involved with our customers and are constantly innovating.


iPhone and Android app for your restaurant

With your own iPhone and Android app from Sitedish, your customers can order with even more ease. In addition, you can send push notifications to all your customers to further promote your restaurant.

Push message to customer via delivery app
Sitedish - Discounts

Offers and discounts

Easily recognizable in the App or Play store using your own logo. You can offer discounts, offers and savings card.

Sitedish - Notifications

Push notifications

Send direct messages to your customers: a fun and easy way to keep them informed of your new promotions and discounts.

Sitedish - Promotion

Promote your app

Highlighting your app? We place buttons on your website so your app is easy to find. Promote extra? Ask about the possibilities!

Your own OrderApp, with your logo and restaurant name

Your customers can download the OrderApp for free from the App Store or Google Play Store. Ordering through the app is easy and fast. With the ability to send push notifications, you can promote your business and promotions at no extra cost.

In addition to the ability to order, the app also shows general information about your restaurant. Think contact information, opening hours and delivery times, exactly as it is shown on your own ordering site. The information is easy to manage and displayed in real time on your website, checkout and app.

Sitedish delivery app

has many advantages

Easy ordering
In sync with your website and menu
Contact information and opening hours
Send push notifications

why choose Sitedish?

User-friendly and professional, save on expensive platforms,
free support and regular new smart features

We are at your service and happy to show you how our system fits your needs. Get in touch with us!

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