Sitedish POS Connect

Many delivery services use our free Sitedish POS system. This is not mandatory, and you may want to continue working with your own Point of Sale system. This is no problem at all, and in many cases we can offer a pairing to your current POS provider.

When your Sitedish website and app is linked to your POS provider, you will directly receive these orders in that system. This is beneficial as all orders will become available to manage under one platform, you will also have complete access to your accounts and receipts and can manage them as you wish.

To make it as easy as possible for POS suppliers to establish the connection, we offer the Sitedish POS Connect. This is a Windows application that runs in the background and runs and saves new orders in XML. This is almost identical to the T-Connect Client, the registry pairing from This means that any POS supplier that links with, can pair the link to Sitedish with minimum efforts.

We are currently already linking up with several POS suppliers such as Mplus, Bork, Vectron, Tonit, YourPos, Povis, Cashdesk and more. Contact us to pair your application with Sitedish, and to receive documentation of this registry-pairing!

Koppelen met Tonit E-Cash

Connect with Tonit E-Cash