Sitedish Success Stories

At Sitedish, we focus on helping ordering and takeout restaurants and nothing tells our story better than the experiences of our valued customers. Be inspired by success stories that attest to the power of Sitedish and discover how we have contributed to the success of these delivery and takeout restaurants.


FEBO... What exactly has Sitedish been able to do for them?


Erik, founder and owner of Catch, speaks out! We asked him about the benefits he experiences through Sitedish...

Mr. Sushi

Zhiyang Yip, founder and owner of Mr. Sushi, shares his insights! We asked him about the benefits they experience through Sitedish...

Is Morus

Francesco and Giuseppe, owners of Is Morus, share their thoughts! We asked them about the benefits they experience through Sitedish...


Tousjee specialises in Poke Bowls and Sushi Burrito’s: “We believe in the best qualities. We work with high quality products and ensure all our meals are created to reach the best possible taste combinations. It really is our mission to deliver the best bowls and burrito’s to our clients.”

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