As a restaurant, do you also want to be less dependent on the big ordering platforms?

You can! With 15 years of experience and over 3,000 affiliated restaurants that have gone before you, Sitedish offers a total concept for delivery and take-out restaurants where you get your own ordering environment and your customers can order directly from you. This makes you less dependent on ordering platforms and their high commissions. This can easily save you hundreds to thousands of euros per month.

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So how does that work…?

Sitedish provides the total concept for delivery and takeaway restaurants at a low and transparent rate!

€1 per day + €0.30 per online transaction
(excluding hardware purchase)

Own ordering site & ordering app

We create your own order website & order app where all your customers can easily place their orders so that you are no longer completely dependent on the ordering platforms. You save an average of €4 per order via your own website compared to an order via the platforms.

POS Software

All orders, whether placed through your own ordering website and app or through third-party platforms (such as Thuisbezorgd), are consolidated in one user-friendly POS system.


You can, of course, also obtain hardware such as cash registers, card payment devices, and ordering kiosks from Sitedish.

Own Delivery App

With our Delivery App, you can track and control your delivery drivers easily and conveniently.

Marketing Tools

The moment your order site and app are online, we also help you bring it to the attention of your customers. For this we have several effective marketing tools such as a Kickstart Package, newsletters, push notifications, savings cards, Upsell, Lost Customers, Marketing Pro and data.