A complete, professional user-friendly website for your restaurant

With your own website you provide your customers a direct way to place an order. The website is web- and mobile friendly and offers iDeal payments and more.

Innovative & customer oriented
Use your own branding
Interactive menu


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Easy ordering on mobile & desktop

With your own website your customers can order directly. Your customers, your orders. No commissions!

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  • Your logo, colours and pictures
  • Easy and quick ordering
  • Control your menu, opening hours and delivery area
  • Manage your promotions, discounts and loyalty cards
  • View statistics about your orders, products and customers
  • Send out mailings
  • Highly visible in Google
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Sitedish - Deliverymap

Your food ordering website for delivery and takeaway restaurants provides a lot of possibilities. The website orders are received in our free POS system, which also offers a connection to receive orders from Takeaway.com, UberEats & Deliveroo. This means that orders from all your platforms are visible in one total order overview, providing you an easy way to manage your orders from one central point.

Sitedish main vision is to optimise your order process and to support your restaurant in increasing revenues and efficiency. Therefore we have close contact with your clients and constantly improve and innovate our systems. 



Sitedish order website

Your food ordering website

Sitedish makes sure you have a professional website so you can optimise your restaurant to its fullest potential. We make sure your website is highly visible for your customers. You have the control over your website but we offer support to help you out if needed. We know our clients well and continuously improve our services. 

Marketing Pro

Always wondered how it is that platforms like Thuisbezorgd, Deliveroo or UberEats are at the top of Google on your name? They do this by advertising! With our Marketing Pro solution we make sure your website scores well in the Google search results and your customers order with you, instead of with the big expensive ordering platforms. Ask for the possibilities!

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Free Flyers

Every new client gets 5000 free flyers to promote your own website. We design the flyer and make sure the promotion is highly visible on your website. Handing out flyers is an easy and effective way to generate more orders and get the word out!

why choose Sitedish?

User friendly and professional, save on expensive platforms, free support and regularly new helpfull updates.

We are at your service and are happy to show you how our services suit your needs. Contact us!

For more detailed information don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss your needs and wishes, we love to think along!

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