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Does your restaurant also have pages on Thuisbezorgd, UberEats or Deliveroo in addition to a Sitedish order website? You can also receive these orders in our Sitedish POS software.

Scoober (

Thuisbezorgd has been the largest platform for meal delivery for years. The originally Dutch organization, started by Jitse Groen, is active throughout the Netherlands. Many restaurants choose to have a page on to guarantee a steady flow of orders, but in return there are hefty commissions.

At you can use your own delivery staff. Besides that they have the platform Scoober. These are couriers who are employed by Thuisbezorgd and deliver orders in their orange uniform for restaurants that are connected to the platform. There are additional costs associated with this delivery service.

Thuisbezorgd costs
Thuisbezorgd charges per order €0.21 administration costs and 14% commission. If you use Scoober then you get about 30% on top of that.

Would you like to connect your Thuisbezorgd page with Sitedish POS? Please email us at


Uber Eats, a subdivision of cab giant Uber, is an on-demand delivery service. By now, the service can be found in more and more cities in the Netherlands. Often the delivery drivers work with their own transport, but sometimes they also have cars from Uber at their disposal. The average commission is 30-35%.

Do you want to link with Uber Eats? Then make sure all the numbers on your Uber Eats menu match the numbers on your Sitedish ordering site. Then you can contact Team Sitedish at to set up the link.


Deliveroo is primarily found in the larger cities of the Netherlands and is originally a British company. Deliveroo focuses on the larger restaurant chains, but also on the local favorite. In this way, they want to make meal delivery a little healthier and tastier. Deliveroo works mainly with cyclists who are easily recognized by the striking colors and the logo with the kangaroo.

The average commission per order is between 30 and 35%.

Do you want to link with Deliveroo? Make sure the numbers on your menu are identical to the numbers on your page at Deliveroo. Please contact us at


Foodora has deliverers in several cities, such as Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Haarlem, Eindhoven and Leiden. Foodora is part of the German company Delivery Hero. Delivery Hero is originally a Swedish company. Foodora focuses on somewhat higher-end restaurants that do not have their own delivery service.

In August 2018 Foodora announced to stop its activities in the Netherlands.
Average commission: 30% – 35%.

Besides these three major platforms we also offer links to parties such as Nederland Eet, Happie and Bezorgland. For more information, please contact us directly at or 020- 244 08 58.

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