Erik, founder and owner of Catch, speaks out!
We asked him about the benefits he experiences through Sitedish…

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    “The experience and maturity of the company are very clearly reflected in Sitedish’s software. The system is incredibly user-friendly and clear for both myself (Mijn Sitedish) and my customers (the ordering site & app)… nothing to complain about!”
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    “The handy Marketing Tools that you can manage yourself in Mijn Sitedish are truly groundbreaking: Sitedish has already paid for itself with just the upselling feature, as we now sell a tremendous amount of desserts through this. Additionally, we often use the Lost Customer Function when it’s a bit less busy, and we usually notice the effect immediately.
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    “The price Sitedish asks for is fair. For example, if I were to route all the orders currently going through Sitedish through third-party platforms, it would cost me 93% more in commission fees. That makes a significant difference, of course.”
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    “At Catch, we have a two-part concept. We offer both Streetfood and Sushi. Therefore, it’s nice that in Mijn Sitedish, we can easily distinguish all the data when we want to analyze it separately. Thanks to Sitedish, we can now see exactly where our revenue and costs come from so that we can respond accordingly.”