FEBO… What exactly has Sitedish been able to do for them?

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    Sitedish integrates with the partners and tools FEBO uses, ensuring all data is interconnected, allowing for complete and accurate analyses. This includes partners and tools for accounting, inventory management, and FEBO’s production system.
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    Before partnering with Sitedish, FEBO didn’t have a uniform look and feel for its websites. Through Sitedish, the ordering sites for all their different locations now have exactly the same appearance, contributing to the consistent branding of FEBO.
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    FEBO utilizes Sitedish’s franchise account. Naturally, this means that all orders, whether from their own ordering site, third-party platforms, pickup orders, or manual entries, come into one convenient overview. This means FEBO is no longer required to use a separate device for order reception per medium. But it also means they can manage all locations from one central place:

    • Handy for quickly and easily adding/changing a product for all branches simultaneously or individually per branch.
    • FEBO has the flexibility to set different prices per location. This is crucial for FEBO, as they have only agreed on a maximum price with the branches, allowing each branch to determine its own price below that maximum. Sitedish fills in the standard price for each branch, and the branches are free to lower the price if they choose to.
    • Additionally, FEBO can view the revenues for each period for all locations combined or separately for each location. This is essential when comparing the success of different branches. These figures are also easily categorized into orders from their own ordering site, third-party platforms, pickup orders, and manual entries.