Pizza Plus

Hamed, co-owner of Pizza Plus, shares his thoughts! We asked him about the benefits he experiences through Sitedish…

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    “What I appreciate about having our own ordering environment compared to a third-party platform is that within our own ordering environment, we’re not competing with thousands of other restaurants. Through Sitedish, I get my own ordering site and app without my competitors being present. Currently, 95% of our customers come through Sitedish.”
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    “We save on commissions with Sitedish. If we were to route all our orders through third-party platforms, it would cost us an additional €127,000 in commissions annually… that’s quite a difference!”
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    “The greatest strength of Sitedish is the ordering system software. You can clearly see that there has been over 15 years of continuous development. It simply works well, and the user-friendliness is high. This is something we often hear from our customers.”
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    “We also have a good overview of our business because we regularly extract relevant data from My Sitedish. With Pizza Plus, we hardly waste any food because we know exactly which ingredients we use in what quantity on a monthly basis. This, of course, saves a lot of costs.”
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    “From the very start, we’ve built a good and personal relationship with the Sitedish customer service. They are always friendly and solution-oriented, so we almost always find solutions together.”