Bram Ladage

Isabeau, Marketing Manager at Bram Ladage, shares her thoughts!
We asked her about the benefits they experience through Sitedish…

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    “When compared to delivery platforms, Sitedish significantly reduces costs since you have your customers order through your own website, thus avoiding high commissions. During Corona, we began delivering from many of our locations and subsequently joined Sitedish for our own delivery and pickup site.
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    “Another major advantage is that Sitedish integrates with our M-plus cash register software, ensuring all orders are administratively processed directly into our cash system.”
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    “Our experience shows that when our customers opt for the convenience of delivery, they wouldn’t have come to our restaurant at those specific times. So this basically means we generate extra revenue from this group of people.”
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    “We also highly appreciate the ability to customize content ourselves; it’s more efficient, faster, and has a smaller chance of errors than with delivery platforms.”
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    “We also make good use of the Marketing Tools. We use the Lost Customer function, newsletters, promotions, discount codes, and have recently started using the Upsell function. This helps increase the average spending and encourages customers to order more frequently.”
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    “Another significant advantage of Sitedish over delivery platforms is that we can fully tailor our ordering site to the brand style and image of Bram Ladage. This truly makes it an extension of our business and its corresponding marketing. In contrast, with delivery platforms, where the Bram Ladage page is just a small part of the platform and fully in their style.”
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    “We’re also very excited about the Sitedish Delivery App! The control and overview it provides for our franchisees are greatly appreciated. Additionally, it’s ideal for our delivery drivers, enabling them to work as efficiently as possible. Delivery platforms can also be connected to the Delivery App, making all orders visible in one screen, allowing us to deploy and manage our delivery drivers as efficiently as possible.”
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    “Of course, we use a franchise account, and what’s great about it is that we can adjust all connected delivery and pickup sites from one database. This includes products or related price changes. This way, we have insights into statistics and figures for all our locations, and we can set up marketing campaigns for all locations simultaneously or individually. This helps us support our franchisees so they can focus on their customers.