Poké Perfect

Gerrit Jan and Quinta, founders of Poké Perfect, share their insights! We asked them about the benefits they experience through Sitedish…

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    “First and foremost, with Poké Perfect, we naturally save significantly on commissions by processing orders through our own ordering site, provided by Sitedish. This literally saves us thousands of euros per month.”
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    “Additionally, we are very pleased with the Sitedish Delivery App. This app provides insight for ourselves and clarity for our delivery drivers… Ideal!”
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    “The Marketing Tool we use the most is the Email Marketing tool, allowing us to stay in close contact with all our customers.”
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    “We also find it to be a significant addition, creating independence and risk diversification by using our own ordering environment via Sitedish. This way, we build our customer base and are less dependent on delivery platforms.”
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    “Sitedish also provides relevant data insights. We use this data for various marketing purposes:

    • We are now building our own list of email addresses for sending newsletters to our customers.
    • We bring back customers who haven’t ordered for a while through a promotion/discount via Sitedish’s Lost Customers Tool.
    • We reward our Top 100 best customers with promotions/discounts. We easily extract this top 100 from My Sitedish.
    • And we can create the optimal menu by precisely seeing which dishes are popular/not popular.”