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Jason, Team Manager of Smulcentrum, shares his thoughts! We asked him about the benefits he experiences through Sitedish…

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    “The most beautiful thing about the Sitedish system, in my opinion, is the ease of ordering. At Smulcentrum, the customer is king, and we consider user experiences the most important. The ordering site and app are intuitive, making it easy for everyone to navigate through the ordering process.”
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    “We also make extensive use of the personalized customer service from Sitedish. The lack of waiting times is pleasant, and the friendly support staff collaborates well with us to find the right solutions.”
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    “Last year, 34% of our revenue came through Sitedish. Since we started delivering and using Sitedish, our revenue has grown significantly. With now 4 delivery bikes and 2 delivery cars, delivering our dishes has become a major part of our business model. If we had used third-party platforms for this delivery process, we would have missed out on a significant portion of this revenue due to their high commissions.”
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    “The process of directing traffic to our own ordering environment was actually quite easy for us. We only had to apply simple marketing techniques, such as social media posts, hanging posters in the shop, distributing the 5.000 free flyers from Sitedish, putting logos on the clothing and bikes of our delivery staff, and mentioning the ordering environment to our customers. After that, it’s just a matter of consistently maintaining it.”
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    “We frequently use Sitedish’s Marketing Tools. For example, we send a mobile push notification to all our customers when the ice cream season begins and ends. We also conveniently send discounts/promo codes to customers when the delivery takes longer than usual.”
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    “Finally, we like working with statistics in Mijn Sitedish. Here we check, for instance, which postcodes place the most orders or analyze which new dishes are popular and which ones are not.”