Get to know…

Tousjee specialises in Poke Bowls and Sushi Burrito’s: “We believe in the best qualities. We work with high quality products and ensure all our meals are created to reach the best possible taste combinations. It really is our mission to deliver the best bowls and burrito’s to our clients.”

There is plenty of choice at Tousjee: “All Poke Bowls are delicious, but the spicy salmon or the rainbow bowls are really really good if I do say so myself. Many clients also tend to chose the ‘Create Your Own Bowl’ option so that they can personally chose out of all our high quality ingredients. A real party!”.

Presentation is everything

In addition, they also pay extra attention to the presentation: “The quality of delivery is actually just as important as the quality of our food. The experience should be great and the delivery should be fast. Our deliverers are customer-friendly, representative and stand out because of the green Tousjee clothing. We think it is important that they really stand at the door with a smile. That’s what sets us apart!

It goes without saying that things sometimes go wrong when it is extremely busy. Sitedish helps us with this, because we can create discount codes ourselves. And with the DeliveryApp we gain insight into how much time it takes to get the order to the customer. This way we can always communicate clearly, and that is appreciated.

We really want to give a brand experience with Tousjee. This also translates into the layout of the dishes and a sleek flyer. That is why we arrange a photo session for our latest meals every quarter. The photos are beautiful and that makes customers even more inclined to order.”

Riemer has advice for new catering entrepreneurs: “Make sure the quality of the food is perfect, and that the service to customers is just as perfect. Dare to invest in good branding and representative photography. In this time with online channels you can really make a difference. Just do what you are good at and translate this to your employees, that only makes the work more fun.”

Continuing To Grow

“We opened our second branch in Hengelo a few weeks ago. A logical step, because we are already active in Enschede and it is therefore easy to scale up to Hengelo. We are going to do exactly the same there as in Enschede, because we know that this will leave us with satisfied customers.

It is our mission to let people throughout the Netherlands enjoy our dishes and our service. We hope to be able to expand to a number of larger cities in order to eventually become a nationally known concept. We should be able to do this, I am convinced of this!”.

Together With Sitedish

“When we started up our second branch, Sitedish once again proved to be the perfect software partner for us, because they can quickly think along and scale in real time. When we started Tousjee Enschede, Google and the positive reviews brought me into contact with a Sitedish account manager. He came to our location to present the product: A clear explanation and all advantages were mentioned. You will also receive useful tips and tricks so that you can get started right away.

It is a very user-friendly system. A lot of data is also collected in My Sitedish. This gives you a lot of information at your disposal that you can really build on. I also use My Sitedish a lot to upgrade the menu and to send newsletters with discount codes and nice promotions. The savings are immediately reflected in the books and are really pure profit.

The DeliveryApp is also really fantastic. This allows you to plan everything properly and provide clarity to the customer. You can also easily assign multiple orders to a delivery person without further communication and thus save a lot of time.

Riemer still sees room for improvement: “It would be nice if you could tick certain addresses, so that you are reminded that someone is an important customer, or that something probably went wrong in the past and that this customer should receive attention. This way you can improve the service to your customers.”