Mr. Sushi

Zhiyang Yip, founder and owner of Mr. Sushi, shares his insights!
We asked him about the benefits they experience through Sitedish…

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    “Since working with Sitedish, we’ve seen an increase in our profits simply because we don’t have to pay commissions through our own ordering environment. As more than 50% of our orders now come through our own ordering environment, and 90% of our business is comprised of delivery orders, this makes a significant difference!”
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    “Because Sitedish integrates with major delivery platforms, we receive data on these orders all in the same overview. This way, we have all the numbers and statistics centrally located, making it easy for us to analyze everything.”
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    “We were also very enthusiastic about the setup: everything was online and live within 5 working days! They understand the market, can move quickly, and collaborate when issues arise. In terms of service, Sitedish scores very high: we always receive personal attention, and our suggestions are genuinely listened to.”
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    “For us, the customer is central, so we value their user experience tremendously. Since partnering with Sitedish, the ease of ordering at Mr. Sushi has significantly increased, translating directly into increased customer loyalty.”
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    “Regarding Marketing Tools, we primarily use the Lost Customers function, loyalty cards, and promo codes for instances where a customer has, for example, unexpectedly waited longer for their order.”
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    “Finally, the process of directing customers to our own ordering site turned out to be quite smooth: through flyers, exclusive deals for our own ordering site, and social media, things naturally gained momentum.”
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    “With Mr. Sushi, we use a franchise account. The most pleasant features for us are:

    • Uniformity in adjustments. We can decide per branch which changes to implement. For example, we can choose to update the menu for all branches simultaneously, while applying a promo code only to specific ones.
    • This applies to revenue as well: we can analyze it both per branch and in total.
    • We also use other analyses for this. For instance, we can precisely see which branches need to temporarily close their ordering site during peak times due to undercapacity and actively respond. Additionally, we can easily identify which products sell the most and who our top customers are.”